Danilotto Runi

How to make STM32F103VET working with dfuse

Discussion created by Danilotto Runi on Mar 11, 2018

Hi all,


I am trying to update STM32F103VET firmware via USB and dfuse with no success so far.

In STM32Cube I activated USB and selected the DFU mode of USB with this parameters



Then with fromElf I create a *.bin image of the firmware.


With df file manager i create the DFU file with these parameters:



Then, in dfuse I manage to upload it and the download appears to be successful



But, as soon I verify the upload I got this error:



And, as soon as I try to press "Leave DFU mode" I got this error:



At the same time I cannot understand why in the memory map the first sectors are not writable nor erasable.



Thank you for your help.