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Linking to osxMotionAR library

Question asked by Henry Jacobs on Mar 12, 2018

I wish to add the osxMotionAR library to my own project but cannot get the library to link to my project. Using AC6 IDE. Copied the osxMotionAR package to the directory \Middlewares\ST per Design Tip DT0047. I looked at the example project for the Nucleo board and tried to setup the same Properties>Build>Settings>Library settings for the Libraries and Library search path. The linker cannot find the library. Tried several different libraries: libMotionAR200_CM3_GCC_ot.a, MotionAR200_CM3_GCC_ot.a, and libMotionAR200_CM3_GCC_ot.a. Not sure which one is correct.


I also noted that the relative path (../../../../../../../../Middlewares/ST/STM32_MotionAR_Library/Lib/) was converted to an absolute path when using the nucleo project, but it stayed the same when I linked.


Looked at ST User manuals and design tips but could not find info on incorporating osxMotionAR into my project - only info on running sample programs.


Attached some notes.