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blueNRG fw and discovery problems. I need FW

Question asked by Kostya Kuliabin on Mar 10, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by Antonio Vilei

Hello! I am trying to setup BlueNRG. It's not discoverable at all. I didn't see any packets i sniffer from it. But let me start from the beginning.


When I just started, it didn't work (was undiscoverable). I found that IFR programmed for 16MHz quartz use, however I have 16MHz. So, I tried to upload IFR, but it didn't work. (aci_error).


Then I tried to upgrade firmware, but there are a lot of problems:

First: firmware has wery unconvinient format, which is impossible to use without BlueNRG GUI (I cannot use it becouse I use custom mcu connection). The file is looks like 32 bit numbers without delimiters (20003000).

I converted it into normal values and then succesfully upploaded to the BlueNRG.

When I read IFR I discovered, that all register groups of 4 bytes are mirrored:

0x02,0x3A,0x5C,0x02 //according to the GUI it shuld be like that, however

0x02,0x5C,0x3A,0x02 //it was like that.

So, I checked firmware and found, that all IFR part (and may be all FW) are mirrored.

I reflected all FW again and upploaded without errors.


However It didn't work. It's undiscoverable again.

I have no spectrum analyser to check balun and antenna operaing, but I conduct an experiment. I took bluetooth sniffer and start listen 2402MHz and recieve weak packets from devices (>-80db). Than I turned on tone comand

aci_hal_tone_start(0) (WTF? WHY 0, if 2402MHz is 37th channel. I don't know.)

After that my sniffer stoped recieving packets. I turned tone off. Sniffer continued working. I repeat it with all adv channels. So, I can say, that transmitting is working.


Bud I didn't see any adv packets yet. I read about Access addresses and decided to find out if it mentioned in FW. And it don't mirroed. I am confused. I can't understand should I mirror FW bytes, or shouldn't Please help me. 


Maybe someone could send me normal FW (HW:0x30,FW:0x0642)? Thanx