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Migration from Nucleo-64 board to Nucleo-144

Question asked by Tomasz Kowalczyk on Mar 10, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2018 by Andrew Neil

Hi, I've got a question related to making shields for Nucleo boards. The problem is portability of shields between boards. There are two questions, to which I can't find a simple answer:


1. Do ST Morpho connectors on various Nucleo-64 boards (with uCs in LQFP-64 package) share same pinout? Especially power and communications?


2. Is Morpho connector on new Nucleo-144 boards compatible with old Nucleo-64 boards? Of course, it's longer, but can I plug a shield on topmost part of the pin rows  and expect it to work?


I tried looking at datasheets, but I'd have to compare multiple documents (schematics of Nucleo boards and datasheets of their uCs), so I think that if someone already researched this problem, it will be easier to just hear two boolean answers.