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Where are any B-L475E-IOT01A CUBEMX examples?

Question asked by Phil McDermott on Mar 9, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2018 by Mark Peter Vargha

Where are any STM32Cube example projects for the B-L475E-IOT01A board?    I can find the generated projects for example BLE/HeartRate and P2P_LedButton.   But how were these generated?  Isn't the whole point of using the Cube is to start there, configure the processor, then select Middleware etc. and generate a C/C++ project.   When I go to the CUBE perspective and select New or Load project I am expecting to be able to browse to an example .ioc project file under the STM32Cube_FW_L4_V1.11.0 folder.  But no .ioc files can be found there.  What am I missing here?