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STM32L073 + sx1272 (downlink rssi)

Question asked by Chris Oh on Mar 9, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2018 by Andrew Neil

I'm using LoRa network with sx1272 + stm32L0 (node),
and RAK831 (gateway) , also custom network server.


i found that uplink rssi printed in gateway is quite good enough(-32dBm), however, downlink rssi printed in node(stm32L0) is quite bad(-90dBm).


the distance from each other is same, and i use SF 12 & same channel.
the power level gateway use is 23dBm which is the standard of Korea.
I don't know why this difference happens.


is this problem maybe from end node's hardware issue or sx1272's bad sensitivity?  or gateway emitting low-quality signal (maybe it's not).