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How to implement the X-NUCLEO-IDB05A1 properly

Question asked by David Schröder on Mar 9, 2018

I am working on a project which demands a BTLE connection due to energy constraints and i am having trouble using the btle shield mentioned in the title.


Is there a proper way to implement the drivers and using cubemx without going into an endless rabbit hole?


Just importing one  of the sample projects with Atollic for STM32 does not work without following a certain procedure.

Lets say i build a cube mx project and want to use the shield with it, it will have conflicting functions because some are declared in different locations, the systemclock_config which is in the main on cubemx projects for example now sits in cube_hal_lx.c .


Now lets say i will use that super tool called cubemx and i want to use that x-nucleo btle shield what is an efficient way?