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STM32 uVision - missing pack

Question asked by Andrew Lohmann on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2018 by Andrew Lohmann

I attended the STM8-32 hands on day in Cambridge in Feburary 2018.


I have been repeating or doing the exercises that we did on the day but I have been unable to program the target STM32F072RB nucleo board in three of the four examples. Unfortuately my PC needed to restart on the day then it would not restart so although I had all the programmes and packs installed and had completed the first project but not as far as running ST-link.


I have partly repeated the exercise on another PC unsuccessfully. So it does not apear to be a bad installation issue?


In three of the exercises this is what is reaported after I press debug;

Load "C:\\Users\\Owner\\Google-Drive\\STM32_Work\\STM32_hands_on_1\\Objects\\STM32_hands_on_1.axf"
No Algorithm found for: 08000000H - 0800038BH
Erase skipped!
Error: Flash Download failed - "Cortex-M0"
Flash Load finished at 13:28:40


I think the pack which is a problem is thjat the Keil .....DFP pack needs to be reloaded every time I create a project but then the target MCU cannot be found;

Keil STM32F072RBxx-DFP

Could not find STM32F072RBTx so selected one of those.


Lastly it is the first ST-cube example hands on 1 that is successful but the vartion for HAL fails similarly to the above.