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Low Speed Bldc 6STep Library

Question asked by akcay.baycan on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by Vitaliy Chernobay


I am using IHM08M1 board with stm32f302, to drive a bldc 36 volts BLDC motor. I am using SixSTep library (SPN8). 

I need very low speed in my project like 1 rpm. The motor has a 100:1 reduction gear. The minimum speed I got with Sixstep library is 300 rpm. If I set target speed below 300 rpm, motor stops or became unstable. Is there any way to achieve 100 rpm speed, with some modification in the library. I am driving motor in sensorless configuration, the motor have hall sensors, but the library does not include any hall sensor interface Is there any other version of sixstep library with hall sensor interface?


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