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Question asked by Arna Lee on Mar 7, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2018 by David Koudela

Hi Sir,


I am using ST accelerometer Sensor  LIS3DH (adapter board STEVAL-MKI105V1) with I2C interface.


I can now read the registers. But for the registers which doesn't have default value, for example,

OUT_X_L (0x28),

OUT_X_H (0x29),

OUT_Y_L (0x2A),

OUT_Y_H (0x2B),

OUT_Z_L (0x2C),

OUT_Z_H (0x2D),


the value read are all zero.


My questions:

1. How to get the correct accelerometer value for the registers which doesn't have default value? Any configurations needed before reading the registers?

2. “AN3308” chapter 4 Startup sequence to write the registers, but what values should be written? Could you help to advice?



Arna Lee