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Face problem during External connection with timer block

Question asked by sanjeevkumar TM on Mar 7, 2018
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I am facing a problem with Timers actually I am using STM32F407VG discovery board for External connection. I am testing my algorithm to control led's our algorithm generates PWM duty cycles when am using in external mode i change the duration in Simulation from 1000 to 100 simulink>>code>>external mode control panel>>Signal and triggering>>Duration at that time am not able to work in external mode if i tried to change any input's  matlab is crashing. if i used Duration rather than 100 to 1000 program is working fine but am not able to visible the results in scope/display please help me regarding this. If required any configuration for this external part please help regarding this. Thanks in advance. below i a attached the file which one is crashing If any help regarding this is more helpful for me. regarding Matlab/Cubemx settings.