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Size limitation for Fatfs on SD card (SDMMC interface) for STM32L4A6ZG

Question asked by Nithin Kurian on Mar 7, 2018
I am planning to use STM32L4A6ZG.
I would like to use SD card with FATFS interface.
Since STM32L4A6ZG has SDMMC interface i would like to use the FATFS IP provided in STM32cubemx.
Whether there exist any limitation regarding the SD card size for codes(SD in SDMMC, FATFS) generated from STM32cubemx?
If there is a limitation how to extend that to 32GB (if possible) ?
In the documents i read SDMMC interface supports high capacity and extended capacity cards.
Does the file system support high capacity and extended capacity cards?
If somebody could clarify these doubts that will be really helpful.