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Commercial usage of code generated by STM32CubeMX

Question asked by Dominic P on Mar 7, 2018

Hello ST community,


Our customer requested a software development for his device based on a ST microcontroller. After the development process ends he wants to have the source code what is a common condition for a service request.

When I use directly the HAL library there shouldn't be any license problems like explained in this topic: Commercial use of ST Hal Libraries and Middlewares.

But is it allowed to propagate the generated code (Init functions, HAL...) and the project file of STM32CubeMX? According to the license agreement SLA0047:

Unless otherwise explicitly stated in this Agreement, You may not sell, assign, sublicense, lease, rent or otherwise distribute the Licensed Software for commercial purposes, in whole or in part.


No source code relating to and/or based upon Licensed Software is to be made available or sub-licensed by You unless expressly permitted under the Section “License”.


The generated code belongs to the Licensed Software.

The propagation of source code isn't mentioned in the license section.

So I'm not allowed to propagte the source code to our customer when I use STM32CubeMX. Only binary propagation is allowed.

So I have to use the specific HAL library.


Am I wrong?


Thanks in advance.