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HID non-boot protocol

Question asked by martin wijk on Mar 5, 2018
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by Richard Lowe

Hi All,


I found an example for hosting a USB keyboard and works fine on my nucleo L476 board. However, my bar code reader (also a HID keyboard device) does not work because the CubeMX library expects a device which only support the boot protocol:


interface = USBH_FindInterface(phost, phost->pActiveClass->ClassCode, HID_BOOT_CODE, 0xFF);


Are there some code examples available interfacing a non-boot HID device?


The documentation I found (STM32Cube USB host library, section 4.3.5) does not bring me any further:

"For custom HID devices (other than boot mouse/keyboard), the application can use the USBH_HID_SetReport or USBH_HID_GetReport to send or get HID report through the control pipe."