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STM32F769 Disovery ITM_SendChar

Question asked by Chris Lynch on Mar 5, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by Chris Lynch


 I am using Atollic studio and the STM32F769 Discovery board.


I removed resistor R93 and fitted a 0R link to R92 so that the SWO line is connected to the ST-Link on the discovery board.


I have followed this tutorial to enable SWV and make use of ITM_SendChar:

Cortex-M debugging: printf() redirection to a debugger console using SWV/ITM (part 1) 


I have enabled SWV and set the core clock frequency: currently 200MHz. (I verified this by calling SystemCoreClockUpdate() and checking the value of SystemCoreClock 200000000)


I have set the SWO clock to 2000kHz.


Unfortunately i do no receive any characters in the SWV console window within Atollic.

If i breakpoint the ITM_SendChar function i can see that its getting to the line "ITM->PORT[0U].u8 = (uint8_t)ch;" without issue.


I also just tried the "STM32 ST-Link Utility" with SWO viewer and can see a few characters when I press start but do not see a continuous stream of characters as i expect.


Anyone have a suggestion?