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Using VL53L0X with STM32L476 Nucleo64?

Question asked by va vai on Mar 5, 2018


I am a novice trying to work on some sensors by connecting them to the STM32L476 nucleo 64 board. Currently I am trying to use the Time of flight sensor, VL53L0X breakout board, by connecting it at the I2C pins on the nucleo 64.

Also, I am using system workbench to run the generated code.

I am unable to understand as to how to include the drivers/Api for the sensor into the project (created using Cube Mx and the system workbench) so that I can use it to access the sensor. Is there a simple process that anyone can explain? Even hints in the right direction would be really helpful. Also it would be great if anyone could point me to links showing ckt connections between a STM32 nucleo and TOF sensor.


Thank you for the help and have a nice day!!