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STM32L073 IAP Example not working on Custom Board

Question asked by malladi.sandeep.001 on Mar 5, 2018
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I would like to IAP using STM32L073 controller in order to update my firmware from software when update is available. I had gone through several documents and found an application in cubemx folder example code with IAP main as named. I had taken as reference and updated to my custom board Usart peripherals and Button Tampering. I had successfully updated the code and works fine as expected able to see menu to upload file and download file using tera term ymodem protocol. As I had attached an error file IAP_Error.png. where i could transfer only few bytes of data  from serial port using ymodem protocol and then after few bytes it's no more writes the data in to flash. other problem I am facing during flash is that I get debug error and comes out of debug mode. This is because of the unable to erase flash. I have no idea how to move forward and where did I commit this mistake. Kindly support me in this aspect. I hereby attach IAP_flash.rar file as the original source code. and STM32L73Z_EVAL.bin as the binary file to upload to flash.@#stm32#IAP#Nucleo#Flash#STM32l0#