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Why debug prints over ITM do not work with ST-LINK/V2 ISOL?

Question asked by pavel a on Mar 4, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2018 by pavel a

I have STM32F446 with external ST-LINK/V2 white plastic dongle.

Debug prints via ITM trace work fine with Keil uVision and ST-Link utility.

Today I got an isolating dongle ST-LINK/V2 ISOL.  Everything seems to work with it except of debug prints.


This does not look a Keil issue because ST-Link utility does not show prints either.


Are any changes in debug settings needed for ISOL?

Can anybody confirm that ITM debug prints work with ISOL?


I've connected the same target cable to the ISOL that I use with normal ST-LINK

(entire cable chain with connectors, from the dongle to the board).


The ISOL is original new item ordered directly from ST, in a nice box etc.



 -- pa