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higher baudrate than 115200 in irda mode possible ?

Question asked by Marcus Peter on Mar 3, 2018

Hi, I am using two STM32L452 nucleo boards to communicate over irda transceivers. One board only as transmitter and one  only as receiver. The datasheet of the stm32 contains a value of 115200 as maximum baudrate when uart is in irda mode. At this baudrate everything works fine.

Now i have tried to use a baudrate of 1500 000 with an UART Clock of 24 MHz. In this configuration i get 125ns pulses on the receiver side. In this case 125ns are exactly the 3/16 of the UART-bit-time. Because of this i think modulation on transmitter side works fine, also the reception by the irda transceiver. The problem is, the nucleo on the receiver side receives nothing. Has anyone figured out if the decode process of the irda signal works with higher baudrates than 115200 ?