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Low power operation for STM32L4xx devices

Question asked by Mike xx on Mar 3, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2018 by Mike xx

This is for shutdown power consumption.


Table 5 of AN4621 says "8 nA w/o RTC" and "260 nA w/ RTC"


Table 37 in STM32L443xC datasheet - en.DM00254865.pdf (July 2017) says 8nA and 25nA for the same conditions.

Something feels very wrong in one of these tables.


Table also says at 3.6V it says 212nA is typical at 25C and 119nA maximum at 25C. This is clearly wrong and its not obvious which item.


There are 5 active wake-up pins, I can't find any details of their preferred levels whilst in shutdown? Is there any?


Are there any further gotchas, or things I should note?


I would apprciate anyone's experience and guidance.