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ETM trace with Ulink pro in STM32CUBEMX

Question asked by William chang on Mar 3, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2018 by William chang

I am using STM3210C EVAL board (stm32f107vc). UlinkPro debugger.


Here is the tutorial I found from ULINKpro User's Guide: Enable 4-Pin Trace (ETM) 

Here is the snipping.

So, when we need to using ETM trace, we just need to enable the Trace PORTs clock, and configure them as AFIO with highest speed, then set the DBGMCU_CR, that's it?


What I found in the STM32F107 user manual is this!

it looks different!


As I config in the CUBEMX with trace sw (4 bits), the output code doesn't do any thing related to the trace PORTs.


If I don't use trace.ini (as KEIL says) to pre-configure the MCU, ETM also works!


What rules should I follow when ETM tracing STM32 MCU? 

Bob Boys Please pay your attention? thanks ^ ^