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NUCLEO-L152RET + STM32CubeProgrammer

Question asked by Soham Jani on Mar 2, 2018

I'm trying to use the dual bank feature in the Nucleo-l152re dev board. I want to understand how I can use program bank 2 (address 0x08040000) using the STM32Cube Programmer using the onboard USATR1.


I understand that I need to enter the boot mode using the BOOT0 pin, connect after system reset and flash by programming the appropriate image file. The problem is :

 -- I cannot find the option to choose the bank

-- the option to put in the start address is not highlighted. 


Although i can choose the value of option byte: checked for 0 or unchecked for 1, no point loading from bank 2 when there is nothing on there. 


Any help will be appreciated.