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FIFO Setting in LSM6DS3 - 3D Accelerometer and 3D Gyroscope

Question asked by Pawan Das on Mar 2, 2018

We were using NXP's MMA8451Q Acceleroemter for one of our application which involves collecting raw data through FIFO buffer. Here, application notes having explanation and example code snippets helped a lot for the development.


Recently we tried ST's 'LSM6DS3' for doing same operation (collecting raw data through FIFO buffer) and thinking to move on with it. But, we are facing issue in collecting data through FIFO buffer. Even, there is no much dedicated application note for the same. Could anybody help us in resolving following queries:


  1. For output data rate of 104 Hz, is it like we will get each of X, Y and Z as 104 samples or sum total of samples of X, Y and Z will be 104?
  2.  We need the output data rate (ODR) of 104Hz through accelerometer. According to the table of CTRL1_XL (10h), the value to bet put in this register is 0x40. Does FIFO_CTRL5 (0Ah) has any role in this. What value should we set in FIFO_CTRL5 (0Ah) register to achieve this?
  3. Any example steps or a pseudo code to read data through FIFO will help a lot. Kindly share if available.