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Error in downloading code in STMS003F3 in IAR Software?

Question asked by patil.kalpesh on Mar 2, 2018

Hi I am new in st8s  micro controller . I am using IAR software to program the chip.

When i click on download error occurred "Failed to set configuration with MCU name STM8S003F3: SWIM error [30006]: Comm init error: chip does not answer "

Connection of STlink/V2  to chip

Stlink/ V2 ----> Chip(STM8S003f3)

GND  ----> GND(Pin no.7)

VDD(5V)  ---->  VDD(Pin no.9)

NRST  ---->  NRST(Pin no.4)

SWIM ----> SWIM(Pin no.18)

100nf capacitor between VCAP  to gnd 



please help me 


sorry for English


i didn't understand what to do?