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I2C speed on STM32F303KT8

Question asked by baptiste Verneau on Mar 1, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2018 by baptiste Verneau

Hi everybody, I would require some help on an I2C link between TSL2591 and my nucleo nano F303K8T6.

I did it working well  on the mbed website TSL2591_F3, but I want to use SW4STM32 environment and also CUBEMX.

Using my scope I can see that on in mbed configuration that I have I2S clk and data that can be decoded :


but when I use my code ( was working fine on e stm32F411re ), I get this signal :


I kept the same time base to show you the speed difference.


I generate my project using cubemx and in the system clock configuration, I have this config :



In the top right corner I can see the I2C clock speed at 8MHz, I would like to change it but I do not find any solution to reach 100kHz.

Can I get the system clock configuration from mbed at any way ?


Thanks for your help.






Well, after a lot of investigation, I had a look at the nucleo f303K8T6 schematic. This board is delivered with straps between I2C and SPI signals, the after removing it, it worked well.