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Firmware upgrade trouble with X-NUCLEO-LPM01A STM32-LPM01-XN DfuSe

Question asked by David T on Mar 1, 2018

x-nucleo-lpm01A with firmware 1.0.1 is not being recognized by dfuse demo v3.0.5 as an available device. Dev platform is W10, default OS vcp driver. Have also tried with stsw-stm32102 vcp driver installed, external power, and usb powered. W10 sees STM Bootloader on usb enumeration, but DfuSe not listing as available for reprogramming.


UM2269 did not provide suitable troubleshooting guidance. Yes, CN2 switched to side “Syst”


Any recommended next steps to troubleshoot?


Is there a procedure to use stlink to reprogram v1.0.2 firmware directly?