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Has anyone ported the X-NUCLEO-LED16A1 to the STM32F429ZI?

Question asked by Kevin Flanagan on Mar 1, 2018

So I have banging my head a little trying to get the X-NUCLEO-LED16A1 16 channel LED DRiver board to work on the STM32F429ZI. I've tried going the route of porting the example STM32F401RE code and have failed. It looks like my problem is getting the 401's Timer 2 CH3 code mapped properly to Timer 1 CH1 (equivalent pin on the 429) but I'm not 100% sure.


Thoughts, or any one with the working code would be greatly appreciated. 


Currently mapped

SCK -> PA5




PWCLK -> PE9 (not sure if it works correctly at all)

LED CS -> PF15


What am I missing, PE9 is putting out a signal similar to equivalent pin on the 401RE.


Trying to compare waveform outputs on the scope and just at my witts end with it.



-Kevin Flanagan