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ST-LinkV2 question: 

Question asked by Mary West on Mar 2, 2018
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I'm using 2 different ST-LinkV2s to put firmware on a ST32F429ZIT6 processor.  I'm using the SWD interface.  One of the ST-Links works and the other does not.  The one that does not will not even connect to the device.  I took both apart to look at the ST-Link boards.  They are different.  The one that works is sparsely populated while the other has more components on it.  The one that works belongs to someone else and I must return it soon.  What changed and why am I unable to get a SWD connection with the newer ST-Link?


I've perused the web and this forum and found many "solutions" and tried all of them - none worked.


I've attached a picture of the 2 St-Links.


Both boards are labelled ST-Link V2.0

MB 936 rev B


The one that works has not MFG code and the one that doesn't work has MFG Code 1142.


Any ideas would be appreciated.