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SPIRIT1 configuration stucks in SpiritVcoCalibration

Question asked by Gergo Santha on Mar 1, 2018
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Hi everybody,


and greetings as this is my first post here Anyway, I am experimenting with my X-NUCLEO-IDS01A4 Spirit1 expansion board on a NUCLEO-STM32L476RG board. I'd like to write my own SPIRIT1 driver and I'm using the Low Layer library from the STM32CUBE library, no IDE just Sublime and my Makefile and JLINK to debug.


So far I can read and write the SPIRIT1 registers and now I'd like to configure the registers. I've downloaded the SPIRIT1 DK App and I generated a configuration code (868 MHz, data rate 38.4 kbps) containing 2 functions: SpiritBaseConfiguration and SpiritVcoCalibration. The former executes flawlessly, however, the execution stucks in the latter function, here:






SpiritSpiReadRegisters(0xC1, 1, &state);

}while((state&0xFE) != 0x1E); /* wait until LOCK (MC_STATE = 0x0F <<1) */

SpiritSpiReadRegisters(0xE5, 1, &cal_words[0]); /* calib out word for TX */


Between the 2 functions I called my 'send ready' functions as noted in the function. Any help would be great.