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Possibilites and limits of STM32F072 flash segmentation

Question asked by Marco Rotellini on Mar 1, 2018



I am new to the STM32 platform and need to evaluate some things concerning flash segmentation of the STM32F072 before getting started.


The targeted application has (among others) two requirements:


1. In-app / in-field application must be possible.

I found application note "AN4657 in-application programming using the UART" explaining how this could be done with the X-CUBE-IAP-USART package. However, in that package all examples are for STM32L0xx types but not for STM32F0xx.

Is there are general restriction for using this package with STM32F0xx types? If so, are there any alternatives? If not, what is the best approach to modify the package to run with F072 types?


2. Some process data and parameters must be stored persistently at runtime. For that I would like to use one or more of the 2k pages of the internal flash memory. I see that there is a HAL_Flash API that provides read and write operations. In the Cube FW Package for F0 I found an example for using HAL_Flash. However, in the linker file that comes with the example I can't identify any memory segmentation for user data. So I wonder where the memory map is set up? Is there any  application note for how to use the HAL_Flash API?


Sorry for this very generic querstions. But I need to be sure that these requirements can be realized before starting the project. And as there is a lot of documentation and different approaches on the web, it is not always easy to identify the right one.

So any help/confirmation is appreciated!


Best regards