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  Infinite_Loop during UART operation

Question asked by hamid hassannejad on Feb 28, 2018
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I am using STM32F446RETx Nucleo board for my application. It was working fine till I added a new operations including asynchronous data exchange on UART5. Now, sometimes during data exchange on the serial channel, the debbuger  (the application is written in Truesudio, using HAL libraries) jumpes into this Infinite_Loop:


* @brief  This is the code that gets called when the processor receives an
*         unexpected interrupt.  This simply enters an infinite loop, preserving
*         the system state for examination by a debugger.
* @param  None    
* @retval None      

    .section  .text.Default_Handler,"ax",%progbits
  b  Infinite_Loop


The comment of the loop says that there might be an "unexpected interrupt", however inside the startup file (startup_stm32f446xx.s) I see all my interrupts and their "weak descriptions". I also controlled the code several times  and it seems to be fine.

So, I have two questions: first, how can I discovert which interrupt caused this problem? then, do you have any advice to handle this problem?

I appreciate any hint on this matter! Thank you!