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BUG Report on L4+ Headers : SDMMC_STA_DPS/CPSMACT

Question asked by Julien FAUCHER on Mar 1, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by Imen D

Hello !


I found something which is probably a bug on the L4+ series stm32l4wwxx.h files (in example stm32l4r5xx.h)


There is the following code : (lines 14359 to 14364 in stm32l4r5xx.h )

#define SDMMC_STA_DPSMACT_Pos (12U)
#define SDMMC_STA_DPSMACT_Msk (0x1U << SDMMC_STA_CPSMACT_Pos) /*!< 0x00001000 */
#define SDMMC_STA_DPSMACT SDMMC_STA_CPSMACT_Msk /*!<Data path state machine active */
#define SDMMC_STA_CPSMACT_Pos (13U)
#define SDMMC_STA_CPSMACT_Msk (0x1U << SDMMC_STA_DPSMACT_Pos) /*!< 0x00002000 */
#define SDMMC_STA_CPSMACT SDMMC_STA_DPSMACT_Msk /*!<Command path state machine active */

You may see that DPSMACT and CPSMACT are inverted between macros names and values.

This is present for all STM32L4+ headers available in (CubeL4 software, available on on March 1st 2018)


By the way, is there a more "official" way to report such error or is posting on the forum is the right way to proceed ?


Best regards,