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STM32M4F415 with Connect EVE

Question asked by Dave Sclegel on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by Andrew Neil

Hey there,


iam a stundet and try to create a programm to test some Piezo's on some structures.


I have a STM32 Mini M4 F415 and a Connect Eve Display from mikroe.

I want to get the ADC Value of the peak when i push a plate of Piezos.(4 of them)

The i want to sort them with bubble sort and some calculations.

And after that i want to give the calculated adc value to the Display.


I tried some resolutions i saw on youtube and other Internet pages but i dont got the peaks from my adc to my Array[3] and to the Diplay over SPI.

I use the Cube MX to init my Configuration.


The Calc and sort algorithm and code is not the problem , but this connection between ADC and my array with the peaks. And the the connection to the display.


Does anybody has some links or examples? Where i can lern from?

Actually i have 4 ADC Inputs in Contuious mode .






PS: Sry for my bad english language. Normally i only tried to prog some easy chips and something big like this