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STM32H7 problem entering DFU

Question asked by yuri CH on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by yuri CH

Hi everyone!


Ii am working on the nucleo-h743ZI board with the stm32H743 microcontroller.

Currently, i am trying to enter into DFU mode by shorting the boot0 pin to Vdd ( I've made sure the boot address is correct).

the device doesnt seem to run as usual, non the less, it does not identify as stm32 in dfu mode

in the device manager (it identifies as regular stm32 stm32 virtual comport) and the DfuSe utility doesnt recognize any devices in DFU mode.


I went over the AN2606 and AN3155 documents and done as they instructed.


what else is there to check? what am i doing wrong?

Please advise!