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Start-up failure FOC SDK

Discussion created by Artem Zolotov on Feb 27, 2018
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I used STM32F103C8 + STEVAL-IP05F and I was able to run successfully.

Now, I developed my PCB, in which I took STM32F072C8 and STGIPQ3H60T-HZ.  I used FOC4.3.


When I try to start, after running a speed ramp, I always get a Start-up error. I did everything that is described in FOC FAQ, but the error has remained. I reduce very strongly the coefficient of G2 to 1000 otherwise I get the erro Speed feedback.


I got oscillograms when I overclocked the motor and I think they are normal. I observe that after several starts the engine is very hot. It seems to me that the FOC does not correctly calculate the current values


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