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Can't get started with STEVAL-FKI433V1

Question asked by Pay-Shin Quach on Feb 26, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by Andrew Neil


I bought the STEVAL-FKI433V1 and I've downloaded the software: S2-LP DK Application v.1.2.0 and S2-LP Consumption Tool v.1.0.0. I've followed the steps in the user manual but nothing happens. The computer can find the COM-port but when I try to upgrade the firmware (as the user manual say) nothing happens. I've tried both SPLP_CLI_NUCLEO_L0.hex and SPLP_CLI_NUCLEO_L1.hex. Also tried to put these hex-files by dragging and dropping to the boards drive, doesn't work!


Have I missed something? Or am I doing it wrong?


Thanks for helping out!