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MAT-TARGET STM32, experiences, comercionalised products?

Question asked by Martin Dvoracek on Feb 26, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2018 by AvaTar

Hi everybody,


is there somebody with good experiences with STM32 MAT-TARGET? I tried to test it during last two week, I was very curious and pleased I can test simulink and STM32 mat-target. But now my feelings are neutral. Is there somebody who use it for development of sw and deploying to comercional systems?


In this year our company has prepared development of several new controll board and also a lot of new SW will have to be writen (also to older HW). I had good skills and experience with matlab and source code generation for xpc target or B&R PLCs.


   But now (for the STM32) I had a lot of troubles (small troubles) with many particular tasks needed for STM32 processors. I had troubles with first source code generating fot the STM32... ok it is first project. I spent several days to run external mode. External mode is working, but in very limited range. I can use only three scopes and only three displays. In case, more dispalys or scopes is used the hard fault become. In case I have small sampling period about 1ms, external mode is working only without displays and scopes. Also I had throubles with understanding, managing of processor's pheripherals. Also I found bug in generated code, for ADC in injected mode. Where I can share detail information about the bug? Does exist more detail documents and manuals for the STM32?


Is there somebody with good experiences with MAT-TARGET for stm32? And for comercional products? Do you believe the product?

Does exist continuous development of MAT-TARGET? What is an route map for the MAT-TARGET?