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STM32F0 DMA one shot mode

Question asked by Sandhya Sharma on Feb 26, 2018

Hi all,


I am using the ADC with DMA configured in one-shot mode. We are using the STM32F071V8 controller. 

Page number  246 of the Reference manual says that - 

  • In this mode, the ADC generates a DMA transfer request each time a new conversion data word is available and stops generating DMA requests once the DMA has reached the last DMA transfer (when a DMA_EOT interrupt occurs) even if a conversion has been started again.

What is the significance of the clause - "even if a conversion has been started again" with respect to the one shot mode?

Does it mean that we can still convert the ADC data without generating DMA request , once the DMA transfer is complete, in the one shot mode?

But the data sheet also states that the content of the ADC data register is frozen when the DMA transfer is complete. 

How do we read the converted ADC data in such a case? 


Please find attached the snapshot from the reference manual below: 


Thanks in advance,

Sandhya Sharma