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After the MASS STORAGE drive turns on the virtual com port stops receiving from the microcontroller.

Question asked by ihouses ihouses on Feb 24, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2018 by ihouses ihouses

I am using a STM32L031K in the development board.

Everytime that you connect the board to the PC after some seconds the mass storage pops up with the name 'NODE_L031K6'.


I have programmed the microcontroller to print all the time a letter 'A' by means of the virtual serial port.


As soon I connect the board I see how the letter is print in my serial terminal but when the Mass storage pop up the communication stops!!


Any idea how to solve this? Is it a drivers problem?


Yesterday I thought that I fix the problem uninstalling the driver and installing again, it worked for a while since I turned on the PC again and... unfortunatelly the same history.


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