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Upgrading to the STM8 Assembler question

Question asked by roffey.dave on Jul 4, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2011 by roffey.dave
After having written a time consuming and reasonably eloquent request about this subject, only to have it rejected and erased, I'll make a shorter attempt.

Is it not possible to have straight forward assembler templates and .asm .inc files for the STM8 as was for product in the ST7 range? All product that I have designed in the past many years (ST has used this format, which I am very comfortable with. My research has found no support for this at all. I would really like to continue using ST devices for the very sound reasons I made the decision to use them initially.

Having formats like this would not only be a very easy inclusion, relating to the powers within the ST team skillset, but would be very helpful for those of us who desire this approach to development, and assist in the inevitable learning curve that will always exist.

I am aware of the advantages that C can envelop, but for my requirements, I presently prefer to have detailed and confident function awareness and would like to continue being in this position. Your advice would be appreciated as it would assist in the directional decisions I have to make.

Many Regards

Dave Roffey