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CubeMX HID on Nucleo F042K6

Question asked by choi.henry on Feb 26, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2018 by choi.henry

About 2 years ago, I played around briefly with CubeMX generated custom HID code on STM32F042K6.  D+/D- signals seemed to work fine, but my "custom" HID FW did not enumerate against Windows.  I got too busy with a new job, and did not pursue the problem.  This weekend, I picked up where I left off.  This time, I am trying to understand the USB HID better, so I just tried the CubeMX generated HID example.  Except for emitting a debug byte here and there, I ran the auto-generated code verbatim.  The voltage on DP/DM (PA12/PA11 pins connected to the header D2/D10 on the Nucleo F042K6) seems to show a setup problem: the DP doesn't seem to rise to 3.3 V!

Suspect DPDM

Another thing I changed is the bmAttribute to bus powered (default is 0xE0, which is bus + self powered + remote wakeup) and increasing the max power to 250 (which means 500 mA).  I increased the current when I noticed the host complaining about over-current.  Strangely,  The only load I put on the USB VBus is an LED in series with a 220 Ohm; and I only measured 2 V drop across 220 Ohm, so I should only be pulling 10 mA.  Anyway, I shouldn't think that the current load on VBus shouldn't affect the DP/DM voltages, so the above waveform looks strange to me.


2 years ago, I never understood the ST's USB stack.  I just downloaded AN4711 and UM1717, to better understand.  Right away, it seems strange that CubeMX did NOT generate the DCD_xxx files being discussed in UM1717, but I'll keep reading.  If anybody knows right away anything I am doing wrong, I'd really appreciate a tip.


Thanks for reading!