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STM32CubeMX config question

Question asked by choi.henry on Feb 23, 2018
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There are 2 things I do not understand about my Nucleo-FRM32F042K6 project (attached take1.ioc).  As you can see, I turned off everything except the SWD and USB.

Nucleo-F02K6 pinout 

I want to use the HSI48 for USB, and run everything else off the HSI, without the PLL.  In Mr. Noviello's "Mastering STM32" book section 10.1.2 Configuraing Clock Tree Using CubeMX, he uses 8 MHz for APB1 peripheral clock just like I did, but my CubeMX marks the box as red.  So far, I haven't found an explanation.

Clock tree

And why does CubeMX want to generate GPIO code, when I am not using any GPIO?



Thanks for reading!