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H743 IWDG1

Question asked by roland van straten on Feb 24, 2018

Dear all,


Currently I trying to use the STM32H734VIT6. For this I use MX_CUBE and configured the basics. AC6 to compile the generated code. I have the "same" program on the STM32F767 flashing some LEDS. Of course I have two different generated projects and use ST-LINK to burn the Flash.


The H7 seems to reset almost immediately. It seems to be a watchdog reset. The reason is probably the IWDG1 flag in the options area of the chip's Flash memory. I try to set the flag again after having it cleared before, but it seems that it is persistent to stay unchecked.


So is this true: one time programmable flag IWDG1 in the Flash? Is there a way to get it checked again?

Where can I find the description of this?


NOTE: The IWDG1 Flag cannot be checked again and the processor is restarted every second, even in DFU mode... however unchecked FZ_IWDG_STOP and FZ_IWDG_STDBY and the program is running as expected. Also DFU mode can be activated again...