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What Gate Driver is built in the STSPIN32F0 ?

Question asked by Mad Max on Feb 23, 2018

Hi there,

I would like to create a custom PCB build around the STSPIN32F0 MCU which integrates a gate driver and some other fancy features.

Now I need to know some specs of that driver but they're not listed in the Datasheet (or am I blind ? Maybe ...).


I need to know the resistance of the driver output for calculating if my MOSFETS will work with the driver ...

So what are the values for R_src and R_snk  ?


Next thing I would like to know: I can't find a Power rating of the driver. Only thing that's mentioned in the datasheet is the 600mW of output current (sink / source).




Can anyone help me or point me into the right direction ?
Other solutions for calculating, wether my mosfets work are also welcome.

Thank you in advance.