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ST-Link Utility External Bootloader

Question asked by sahin.gokhan on Feb 24, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by sahin.gokhan

Hi everyone,


I have a few question about this external bootloader. In my project has an external flash is W25Q32JVZPIQ. I use SPI module not QSPI to communicate with it since QSPI is used in communication with another chip. The using memory of that flash is around 2Mbyte. It's too huge for me.I have tried to send the data via canbus but it takes too long. 

I'm wondering how to transmit to external flash through MCU (STM32L476VCT6). Can I use the st-link for that application? If yes, how? I have read its manual and review examples in external loader folder. However, I can't understand how to run them since it doesn't have main.c. Do I need to make changes to the linker script? In my opinion, its manual is very inadequate.