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BLDC speed regulation doesn't work

Question asked by suslov.andrej on Apr 16, 2014
Latest reply on May 14, 2014 by suslov.andrej
Hello guys,

I'm trying to run a three-phase BLDC motor with STM32 MC PMSM FOC SDK v3.4 library. I have the latest ST MC Workbench. I have a following problem:

When I start the motor, it begins to spin, but I am unable to regulate a speed of it. I keeps an exact speed no matter what speed I set.
Only when I set the speed lower than approximately 1300 rpm, the motor stops and I get a "speed feedback" error. Motor is also spinning even if I set target speed to 0.
The motor also consumes too much current. It doesn't have any load on it so it should take maximum of 100mA to spin. But it consumes 1A and only because I have a current limit of 1A on my voltage source.

Hall sensors, current reading and voltage sensing are working fine.

Where could be a problem?  

Thank you very much for your responses.