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OTG_HS usage with STM32H753xI

Question asked by Vijetha hn on Feb 22, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2018 by Amel N
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In-fact I tried asking query through service request. The website portal seems to be very slow. I am not sure whether it got submitted or not.


So I am asking the query directly to you here. Please help me in addressing this query :




We are using STM32H753xI in our design and we would like to use OTG_HS interface.

Our plan is to connect the OTG_HS signals (DP, DM, VBUS, ID) to micro USB connector.


The query is CAN WE CONNECT KEYBOARD AND MOUSE to the OTG_HS interface? We may run OS in microcontroller and we will view it through LCD interface. By connecting Keyboard/mouse we want to give inputs to OS. Is it possible to achieve this requirement using OTG_HS interface?


Hope I made my query clear to you. Please respond ASAP.