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Debugging Dual Core SPC56

Question asked by Matthew Richardson on Feb 23, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2018 by Luigi Zambrano

I have a DPM configuration for SPC56EL70.  I initially had some trouble getting the debugger to connect to the target ( could connect fine in LSM.)  The problem had to do with not clearing the LSM_DPMB bit.  Erwan found this FAQ which left me some really good bread crumbs:  Microcontroller and UDE FAQs - Microcontroller FAQs 


Using PLS-UDE v4.8:

1) Connect to the target using a known working LSM mode configuration.

2) Open the FLASH/OTP Memory Programming Tool

3) Select "SHADOW FLASH" from Memory Device dropdown and check "Enable" to make the connection, then Exit.

4) Open a Memory Window and navigate to BIU4 address, which is 0x00FF_FE10

5) Change the Address value to FFBF_FFFF, and the field will be red indicating that it doesn't match.

6) Open the FLASH/OTP Memory Programming Tool again and notice that the Program All button is enabled, then program and verify.

7) Power off the processor and restart.  Reconnect using a DPM configuration/workspace and you should be able to connect to the target.  There should be both Core0 and Core1 binaries/symbols when Load Program is selected from the File Menu.


I followed those steps with some success of being able to connect and dataload.  I don't know if what I did is correct (even if it does connect) as I read the reference manual, bit 0x0040_0000 is not the LSM_DPMB bit as described in User Options Table.  Bit 9, not bit 22 should toggle LSM_DPMB.  Maybe the BIU4 address doesn't map the same as the User Option Bits?  I don't know.  It seems esoteric.


The problem:

The problem I am having is that when I debug, the program gets stuck in SPCSetRunMode() waiting for ME.IS.R != 0U.  If I disconnect from the target and reset, then the program runs while not debugging.  However, my main_core1()  routine is never started.  My guess is that I'm either not configured correctly to debug, or that there is a PLS - .wsx alignment issue.  Does anyone have a wsx and a small DPM helloworld out there?