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STM32F7 stop mode

Question asked by raghu tumati on Feb 23, 2018


Has anyone been able to get the STM32F7 in to stop mode. I've been trying to get the current down on my board but to no avail. After sending the following commands listed below, I still see a current of ~5mA. Im using the STM32F765VIT to be accurate. 


All GPIO's are set to analog mode (except for GPIOA and GPIOD). I need these as EXTI pins to wake the MCU and the they actually work. After a rising edge on the pin, I see that the current consumption jumps to 88mA. So it is going to in to some mode but not sure if this is stop mode because the 5mA current is too high for stop mode. 


Below is my procedure 

All GPIO's are set to analog mode (except for GPIOA and GPIOD)

FlashPowerDown in enabled

DebugStopMode is also disabled. 

USB clock has been disabled. 

Undedrive mode is enabled 



Ive checked my board and all the sensors are turned off. The STM32F7 is powered from an LDO, but its Iq is around 500uA. 

I read that in stop mode, the clock source is LSI RC. Is there any setting for this that could be the problem? I do not have a LSE on my board. Just a 12MHz HSE. Could this be a FW or HW problem? 


I also used the example from the cubeMx package but it did not help.