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SPWF04SA: Where is my NTP request response?

Question asked by Antonio Roman on Feb 22, 2018



I'm working with SPWF04SA using UART in a custom project. I have a issue making calls to NTP server. I've tried with several servers, but the behaviour is the same, I can't get response.


This is what I send and what I receive:



+WIND:13:Copyright (c) 2012-2017 STMicroelectronics, Inc.  All rights Reserved:SPWF04SA                                                                         
+WIND:0:Console active                                                          
+WIND:3:Watchdog Running:20                                                     
+WIND:32:WiFi Hardware Started                                                  
+WIND:21:WiFi Scanning                                                          
+WIND:35:WiFi Scan Complete:00                                                  
+WIND:19:WiFi Join:BB:AA:EE:AA:50:40                                            
+WIND:25:WiFi Association successful:MyNetwork                               
+WIND:51:WPA Handshake Complete                                                 
+WIND:24:WiFi Up:0:                                      ,123,NULL,u                                             
AT-S.ERROR:60:IP not ready to send                                            
+WIND:24:WiFi Up::fe80:0:0:0:280:e1ff:febd:f6c5                                 
+WIND:84:NTP Server delivery:2018.2.22:4:21.1.53                                


And, It is interesting this line:


AT-S.ERROR:60:IP not ready to send


This apears 40 seconds after calling NTP server.


And, this another line is also interesdtin too:


+WIND:84:NTP Server delivery:2018.2.22:4:21.1.53


Well, as I can see, efectivily, the wifi module can get a NTP update, but, where is the response packet that I requested with the UDP socket connection to port 123?


I was expecting something like:


+WIND:55: ...


What am I doing wrong?